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About LimFlow, part of the Inari Medical family.

LimFlow was founded with the deep belief that more could be done for the millions of patients worldwide suffering from the most severe form of peripheral artery disease — Chronic Limb-Threatening Ischemia (CLTI) — and who are facing the prospect of amputation.

Recognizing that angioplasty is only temporary in reducing symptoms and staving off amputation, and invasive bypass surgery has many drawbacks, the company founders sought a more permanent solution.

By harnessing the concept of bypassing diseased arteries initially developed for the heart and applying it below-the-knee in a fully percutaneous procedure, LimFlow was born.

The inventiveness of the company has led to a procedure that reimagines the anatomy, turning a vein into an artery and reversing flow to bring blood flow and oxygen back to starved ischemic legs.

The novel LimFlow System employs a variety of proprietary technologies — including ultrasound catheters, a push valvulotome, and crossing and extension stents — to create a new and minimally-invasive option for “no option” CLTI patients that may help them improve their lives and avoid amputation.

Company Milestones