The LimFlow System


LimFlow is a minimally-invasive technology designed to divert blood around diseased arteries in the leg and into the tibial veins that feed the foot, bringing blood and oxygen to starved tissues in the foot. An abundance of oxygen in the tissue can immediately relieve pain and promote healing of chronic wounds for many patients, improving their quality of life and getting them back to the things they love.

How it Works: Permanently Bypasses Unreconstructable Arteries

Before LimFlow

Technology - U.S.

After LimFlow

Technology - U.S.
Technology - U.S.

“No-option patients desperately need an option to avoid amputation and improve their life, and LimFlow offers a very promising alternative for them.”

Roberto Ferraresi, MD, Chief of the Peripheral Interventional Unit
San Carlo Clinic
Milan, Italy 

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CAUTION: Investigational device. Limited by Federal law to investigational use.
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