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Reimbursement Resources

LimFlow provides health economics and reimbursement resources to support patient access to the TADV procedure with the LimFlow System. 

Reimbursement Guide and Resources

The purpose of this information is to provide U.S. Commercial and PROMISE III Clinical Study Sites with information to support reimbursement efforts for TADV procedures with the LimFlow System.

2024 TADV Reimbursement Guide

Quick Reference Coding and Payment Guide

PROMISE III Reimbursement Guide

Official Approval Letter from CMS 

CMS Approval Letter

Available here on CMS’ List of Category B IDE Studies Approved for Coverage of the Category B device and related services, and routine services.

Prior Authorization Services

Reimbursement Support Services

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Health economic and reimbursement information provided by LimFlow is gathered from third-party sources and is subject to change without notice as a result of complex and frequently changing laws, regulations, rules and policies. This information is presented for illustrative purposes only and does not constitute reimbursement or legal advice. LimFlow encourages providers to submit accurate and appropriate claims for services. It is always the provider’s responsibility to determine medical necessity, the proper site for delivery of any services and to submit appropriate codes, charges, and modifiers for services that are rendered. LimFlow recommends that you consult with your payers, reimbursement specialists and/or legal counsel regarding coding, coverage and reimbursement matters. LimFlow does not promote the use of the LimFlow System outside of its FDA-approved indications.